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Synopsis: Mavod labs will be utilizing the newest and most state of the art, high precision analytical instrumentation to test cannabis products (flowers, concentrate oils, edibles, etc.) for:

Thus ensuring the most complete and accurate profiling of your cannabis products for safe, regulated, and fully compliant consumption within the State of California. We at Mavod Labs have only one guiding philosophy: Provide the best and highest quality analytical testing possible with strict standards for consistency and accuracy.

The following highlights the various ways taken to fulfill that philosophy.

FULL ISO 17025 Compliance& GLP Certification

Full ISO 17025 Compliance ensures the highest quality methodology has been rigorously tested over and over for quality purposes. Periodically assessing things like the accuracy and precision, or the limit of detection of each our tests allows us to openly demonstrate our excellent lab procedures and is intended to serve as a fast snapshot of the health and vitality of each test at any given time of operation, for CA inspection and customer service.


Accurate sample preparation is also crucial for any lab testing. For some labs reaching a number that looks correct is enough. E.g., The strain tested from the same grower has been known to get people higher than other strains from that grower. And oftentimes comparing the same sample from two or more different labs yields different potency values varying so much it would be more accurate to flip a coin! To eliminate this, we have entered into an exclusive Research & Development partnership with Tecan Inc. to develop robust methodology that will ensure each and every cannabinoid analyte, potential pesticide, terpene species, or any other tested molecular compound is completely separated from its matrix to cleanly load onto our highly sensitive machinery. Tecan Inc. is the foremost leader in clinical and drug reference toxicology lab equipment, and with Mavod Labs, looks to demonstrate even more capability within the analytical cannabis industry. More information on business partnerships can be found here [link].


The owners of Mavod Labs have taken their experience in property development to completely renovate the lab-space building just less than 5 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles, a major international metropolitan hub. A modern, efficient work-flow has been seamlessly integrated into the heart of the 3000 sq. foot building, to which clients and customers can have an open view to the lab space as well. Receiving the sample on one end, processing in the middle, and physically sequestering the data analysis portion also prevents any potential cross-contamination; as samples are steam-rolled through variety of mechanical processes from beginning to end, ensuring minimal human contact, and that much less contamination interaction.


As mentioned previously each instrument is brand new, meaning nothing but the samples tested for our customers has been run through its parts. Due to the high cost of this equipment, many labs rely on refurbished equipment that had previously unknown substances run through it for an undetermined period. Further, using new equipment means that all our tests are run as well, and as quickly as currently possible, limited by current scientific and mechanical means, and not by money. If you would like to really know how much THC is in that gummy, I’m sure you would want it to be tested on a new 2018 model instead of an older, 2001 model machine. For high-throughput clients this means that your whole batch can be tested reliably in the same amount of time other labs take to run one sample!


Let’s take an example: Jane lab tech has been preparing for her Master’s thesis and has had a rough few days. She came into work Monday not well rested. Because her lab uses manual sample prep for pesticides analysis, she forgot to add 15 mL of extraction solution and instead added only five. Nothing else happened out of the ordinary, and no one caught the mistake. The results came out at the end of the day, and were reported to be below the limit. But had it been prepared correctly it would not have passed. Now a bad batch of marijuana is sold to the public with dangerous levels of pesticides, and a customer got sick. That customer found out, and is suing out lab for everything we got! Human error is inevitable and a large part of a lab’s duties are geared towards prevention as much as possible. Automated liquid handling via Hamilton Robotics “StarLine” robots also separates our lab from the rest. We have taken the care to ensure that the sample preparation and instrument loading takes place on clean, robust, automated robot hands rather than human hands that are more prone to error or contamination. Each sample is processed identically to a variation that basically amounts to 0.00! This is the best and most logical way to discourage variation and prevent costly errors.